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Mick Medusa

Mick started his trade in the year 2000, making him a 13 year veteran of the tattoo industry. He started working first in Beaumont St , in Newcastle then Taylor Square in Sydney. He did a small amount of work in Avalon before heading to Bondi for four years

He specializes in Black and grey and replication of images. He also loves doing small colour pieces.

Artistically he also dabbles in painting and sculpture and is inspired by the greats like Michaelangelo and LeonardoAlex Grey is also one of his favourite artists. When it comes to tattoo artists anyone who does neat clean work is a champ in his eyes.

When not Tattooing you can find Mick learning the art of wing chun kung fu.

You can see more of Mick Medusa’s work  on facebook and instagram.

Hashtag images of his work with #mickmedusa