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tora sumi tattoo services

Tora Sumi is a custom and appointment-based tattoo studio, but we always welcome walk-ins subject to availability.

At Tora Sumi we provide the perfect environment to discuss and design your special tattoo. Our artists both in-house and our guest artists are available for consultation.

Our tattoo services include custom tattoo designs and implementation, tattoo coverups, adaptations and tattoos from designs and flash.

For any one wanting to re-invent their older tattoos we also offer a laser removal service to achieve the best result possible.

Tora Sumi is open Monday through Saturday 10 – 6 and Sundays 10 – 4.

You can see examples of each of our artists portfolios in the tattoo artists link above.



Cancellation and Refund Policy Terms and Conditions.

We require a deposit to secure all bookings for tattoo services and/or for all tattoo designs drawn by the artist, which is then deducted from the total price of your tattoo upon completion. Deposit amount is dependent on each artist.

Please be certain when putting down a deposit as there are no refunds for deposits.

Refunds of deposits will only ever be given in accordance with State and Federal legal policies and will not be given simply because the client has changed his or her mind.

The deposit policy is a payment for the artist for the time spent drawing your artwork and is a services rendered remittance and therefore is non refundable.