Mick Medusa


MICK MEDUSA’s specialties are REALISM, PORTRAITS AND Cover-ups / Laser

Mick started his trade in the year 2000, making him a 19 year veteran in the industry. His background prior to tattooing is fine art and design/product development study. These skills allow Mick to design with confidence any idea or concept his customers have in mind with ease. Brain-storming and composition are one of Mick’s favourite parts of the job.

From an earlier generation of tattoo artists, Mick does not stick to tattooing just one style but enjoys working on a majority of tattoo styles.
Mick has a massive love of figurative art from his life drawing and painting experiences and pursues clean outlines and smooth shading in all his tattoos.

Mick is also our resident Laser Lightening specialise with 6 years experience since getting certified in Houston, Texas in 2012.